Center Cam 1.0

-1920x1080p HD camera
-30fps native frame rate -
-Will support WINXP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/Linux/Android/MAC
-1/2.7inch lens size
-f2.1, CMOS sensor, 2.0 megapixel
-USB 2.0 interface, (compatible with MAC USB C)
-14mm dia, 48mm total camera length
-Auto white-balance
-6mm,  55 and 65 HFOV degree lens size/aspect options
-Patent pending
-1 year limited warranty

A MacBook with lines of code on its screen on a busy desk

Size matters

The reason Center Cam can hang out in the middle of the screen is because it's small enough to not get in the way. While most webcams are about the size of a fist, Center Cam is the size of a dime.  Look to Center Cam 2.0 to be even smaller.

No compromises

With full 1080p HD, Center Cam 1.0 hasn't sacrificed quality. With out-of-the-box compatibility with most operating systems, you don't have to be a techie to appreciate our tech.

Center Cam Out of the Box Set up Video

For a great, free teleprompter, follow this link:

We have no affiliation with the above link, and are not responsible for any issues or support, however we've had good experiences with their interface. Its super easy to use and has simple/quick adjustments- which is what we're all about!

Out of the Box and Set-up Video

Click the link for an quick "out of the box" Center Cam set-up video.


Problem: Fluorescent coloring/pixilation/lines in picture.
   Solution: HD settings MUST be enabled in order for Center Cam to function properly. Adjust your computer/video-conference settings to enable HD.

Problem: Lens is out of focus.
   Solution: Center Cam has an interchangeable external lens, similar to a DSLR camera. Sometimes the lens shifts during shipping. First, plug in camera and open a video window so you actively see focus of Center Cam. Unscrew the inner nut. Rotate lens slowly clockwise 1/4 turn, monitoring focus. If focus becomes MORE blurry after 1/4 rotation, rotate counterclockwise slowly 1/2 full turn until camera comes into desired focus. Re-secure with lock nut.

Problem: Computer is not recognizing Center Cam.
   Solution: Update computer operating system. Restart computer with Center Cam UNPLUGGED. Attempt Center Cam connection again after restart. If using a USB hub, ensure that it is a powered USB hub. Center Cam requires the full amount of power provided by a USB 2.0 port. Many stand alone USB hubs will not allow for the full 5V 500mA of power that is provided from the computers USB port. If using a USB 3.1 port,  this can usually provide sufficient power to the other devices on the hub and Center Cam.

Problem: Auto White-Balance "bounce" or shifts from light to dark, or is too bright.
   Solution: For PC, contact Center Cam for camera control software. For Mac, OBS or iGlasses are excellent camera control programs- and we are working with the manufacturer to develop proprietary Mac video control software.

Problem: Frame Rate seems slow compared to the 30 FPS promised in the specs.
   Solution: There could be a couple of reasons why the FPS is lower than the guaranteed 30 FPS. 
          1. Check to make sure that you have an appropriate amount of lighting in the room.
          2. Ensure that the HD setting is enabled for your conferencing software. This is something that has to be enabled to get the full capabilities of Center Cam.
          3. Some conferencing software has "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" enabled. Disable this setting and restart the application.

Video-conference and set-up tips

Pro tip #1- Test before use in meeting.
Open your preferred video-conference provider. Connect Center Cam. ENABLE HD!
Pro tip #2- There are two ways to adjust Center Cam:
1- adjust the video-conference screen within your monitor, and 2- physically adjust Center Cam up/down/left/right.
Pro tip #3- Cameras (and people) work better in the light, make sure your work-space isn’t a cave. Make sure any artificial lights are "warm”, or bulbs with “natural" coloring, not white or fluorescent light. There are great options for less than $20. Proper accent lighting (not direct lighting) will fix 95% of image issues in video-conferencing.
Pro Tip #4- Manage your background.
Make sure your background is professional, or at least not distracting.
Pro Tip #5- Move the flex tube, not the camera head!

Use the flex tube as the handle to make adjustments to the camera position. Avoid touching camera head.

Video Control Software

Center Cam video control software for PC-based systems.
It is found under:  Options->>Video Capture Filter
This will allow you to change your video settings.

Center Cam Light Ring Tour

How to use Center Cam Light Ring

Adjusting Focus on Lens

Standard process for making lens sharp or soft. Of note, 1st generation 52FOV lenses were set in place and do not have adjustment.

How to Pack the Deluxe Package Soft Case

Its tight, but it all fits. Watch the video at right to learn how to pack your Deluxe Package items in their case.